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Return to traditional for good

ivan šivak post cover

When looking back at my drawings I realized that since I was a child, unpolluted with drawing and aesthetic rules and guidelines that were forced onto us in Art School and Art Academy, I always made comics. As a child that used to draw every day the amount of saved material was huge and kept pilling up in maps, drawers, on shelves, under the bed… everywhere. In one of my I-can’t-take-any-more-of-this-creative-mess madness cleanings I threw most of the drawings away. Yeah, I know, I would take that back if I could. However, the drawings that I decided to keep invoked a very subtle but strong feeling within me – I would almost dare to say that they spoke, and that is something that is not meant to be silenced in some trash can.


On a single paper, from corner to corner I would create a single panel comics, but they would represent actions that lasted more than one panel. As a child of 7 I used to draw two things – dinosaurs and knights. People and animals would speak in very broken Croatian language and there was always some drama happening. After all there was war going on and it showed in my drawings. Today, more than two decades after I drew those silly things one thing remains the same – when I sit alone in silence I realize that I never lost the sensation. The drawings, they still speak to me.

ivan šivak sivak 04

I thought that I’ll gain speed by making whole Silence wanderers webcomic fully digital and I was right, but while doing the pages I realized that I don’t feel that dear sensation. The pages felt cold. Silent. That was the main reason for the long pause on episode 2. I knew something was lost but it took time for me to realize what it was. Ironically, the answer was in front on me all the time. Literary.

ivan šivak sivak workspace

In the middle of the wall of my workspace area I placed pages from my dearest comic that I worked on. It was named “Creatures of the Night” , a horror adventure genre that I never quite completed. What makes those 19 pages special is the amount of inspiration and fun I had while making them. The dialogues are corny but the atmosphere was good. I have a whole episode waiting to happen in slika02Silence Wanderers as a hommage to this comic. All characters that are here will appear in the episode as guests. Because of this comic I realized what was I missing and decided to change that in my approach to doing my webcomic.

No more making those “x” signs where I need to digitally black the background. No more leaving the panel borders undone. Last three pages in my Silence Wanderers are reflection of the change. I enjoyed making them as I enjoy viewing them, both the originals on paper and the final digitally colored versions online.

I’ll make a post in near future about the tools that I use as of recently I made a great purchase of inking brush pens that I didn’t even know they exist. It changes my whole approach to drawing the pages as by now I was combining Uni Pin fine liners, Copic brush markers with brush and ink. The lines will be different and the feel will be different, yet all remains the same.

ivan šivak sivak silence wanderers

ivan šivak sivak silence wanderers

Until next time, have fun people! Cheers!