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Drawing evolution from childhood till the Art Academy

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan Šivak

Inspired by 10+ Before And After Drawings Show Practice Makes Perfect post I decided to give it a go an share my own drawing technique evolution from my childhood till the Art Academy. 

These two are my oldest drawings that I have. As I kid I spent every weekend in summerhouse under the mountain where most of the time I was playing out in nature. Spiders, snakes, bunnies, birds, dogs, bears… you could find it all in my drawings.

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan ŠivakOnly rule for watching TV issued by my parents was no nudity allowed. Yes yes, they managed to protect me from evil sight of a nude woman’s body, however, they thought that it was OK for me to watch horror movies. Werewolves were my favorite and I really did draw gruesome acts of murders by them.

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan ŠivakThrough all my childhood there were three themes that were always present: animals and nature, knights vs dragons/dinosaurs and werewolves.

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan ŠivakAs long as I can remember myself I was reading comics, but at the age of 11 I started to draw my own. The stories were invented on the go, didn’t have much sense but anyways I really enjoyed doing them. At the age of 12 I joined the School magazine group and started discovered more serious approach to comics and art overall. Hereby I simply need to mention and honor my Elementary school Art Teacher, Ognjen Ježić who with a single sentence changed my world upside down and sent me onto the path to Art.

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan ŠivakAnd voila, betrayal of my knights, dinosaurs, nature and animals… here came puberty and my discovery of girls and women. These drawings are the polite ones that I decided to scan, others are really no comment. Not only that the female anatomy is broken in so many ways, the drawings are a weird combination of kinky perverted stuff combined with romantic elements. No comment on that phase of my life. :D

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan ŠivakI managed to pass the test for High school of Applied Arts in Zagreb. These are one of the first drawings that I made in there. For the left one I got a D because of breaking some cardinal rules of shading. It might sound harsh, but I am really thankful to my professor Marcela Munger for being strict with us. She is the first reason why I started to try harder.

slika07Less than a year later… here is the first jump. Left is my first self portrait. Right one is a milk brand that everyone from Croatia used to drink before they changed the design. We learned smooth tone shading and cross hatch shading. We practiced Still Life, we practiced to observe, to watch, to learn on our mistakes. And boy did we learn fast!

slika08Here I entered my most creative time in my life. I was drawing all the time, everywhere, anything! I would draw at least 7 drawings like these per week. The reason for it was a sad one; my parents started to argue more than ever about the money and other things. Their daily argues became louder and louder, more and more aggressive and I needed an escape. My art became my sanctuary.

slika09I am writing this because I know that I’m not the only one who had experience like that. If you, who are reading this, are going through similar heavy stuff in your life, simply hold on. It gets easier. There’s a great opportunity to learn from it. To grow from it. I would even go as far as to say that now in this moment I am glad that it all happened like it happened. it made me into a person that I am today and gave me a skill to draw whatever I imagine in my mind.

slika10At 19 I started to draw my first private nude sessions. It was awkward and silly but I had to practice. With life sessions I learned how to draw faster. Besides that I started to draw my new wave of comics.

slika11At 20 I discovered an online art website which I won’t name and link since they became double standards money grabbing snobs. Still, posting my artworks online and receiving feedback from the art community made wonders for me.

slika12Inspired, I start to experiment. I experiment with the techniques, styles, colors, forms… everything!

slika13I am working on my graphic novel, experimenting some more with the styles and creating the characters. I am discovering the ways of breath and meditation and start working on myself. Through martial arts I found a ways to release my anger. Through meditation, breath and painting with watercolors I find peace.

slika14I am starting to sell my first paintings. And yes, I am getting heavily cheated by art collectors since I’m still a kid and have no idea about how much is something worth. Still, I paint & draw, all the time.

slika15With friends from meditation workshops I tend to go into the wild. We hike all around the mountain areas in Croatia. I collect earth pigments and paint with them. I feel like an alchemist and enjoy every weird smell of my cooking pigments.

slika16My graphic novel is complete. More and more clients are asking me to work digitally for them. The avatar girl, Neytiri, I painted with a mouse. It took me 2 weeks to complete it. :D While drawing tons of caricatures, illustrations and other smaller stuff I finally manage to buy Wacom Intuous Pro Medium. With that my traditional era stops as I discover a whole new world. A world that we’ll explore in some next post.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my artistic development. Now when looking all of it I feel like painting something. Since it is 3:30 am I think I’ll pass. Night owl is retired.

Goodnight everyone.