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Drawing evolution from childhood till the Art Academy

Drawing evolution from childhood Ivan Šivak

Inspired by 10+ Before And After Drawings Show Practice Makes Perfect post I decided to give it a go an share my own drawing technique evolution from my childhood till the Art Academy.  These two are my oldest drawings that I have. As I kid I spent every weekend in summerhouse under the mountain where most of the time I was playing out in nature. Spiders, snakes, bunnies, birds, dogs, bears… you could find it all in my drawings. Only rule for watching TV issued by my parents was no nudity allowed. Yes yes, they managed to protect me from evil sight of a nude woman’s body, however, they thought that it […] Read more

Return to traditional for good

ivan šivak post cover

When looking back at my drawings I realized that since I was a child, unpolluted with drawing and aesthetic rules and guidelines that were forced onto us in Art School and Art Academy, I always made comics. As a child that used to draw every day the amount of saved material was huge and kept pilling up in maps, drawers, on shelves, under the bed… everywhere. In one of my I-can’t-take-any-more-of-this-creative-mess madness cleanings I threw most of the drawings away. Yeah, I know, I would take that back if I could. However, the drawings that I decided to keep invoked a very subtle but strong feeling within me – I would almost dare to […] Read more

Silence Wanderers Graphic Novel intro

Silence Wanderers Graphic novel p00_str13-14

It was ten years ago when I first started drafting ideas for the Silence Wanderers graphic novel story. Initially I wanted to make a movie, so by 2005. I wrote a script and at that point I realized how much resources that kind of production would require: props, men, costumes and, of course, a big budget! So I started to consider a second option, an animated movie production. I did some quick calculations. Trilogy, at least 6 hours long, approximately 21 600 seconds, 260 000 frames in A2 animated standard! You see why that idea didn’t work out either. And then it finally hit me: graphic novel is solution to […] Read more