Ivan Sivak & Woody

I was born in 1985 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2004 after graduating from High school of Applied Arts, Graphics department, I attended Academy of Fine Arts also in Zagreb. I studied on department of Animated film and New Media. In 2011 I graduated as an author of graphic novel “Silence Wanderers”, under mentor ship of late prof. Ivan Ladislav Galeta, of which I am honored to say so. Since 2013 I am a member of Croatian Association of Artists.

Professionally I am an illustrator, concept artist and a 2D animator, but because of my curious nature I have also gained experience as a comics artist, graphic designer, concept artist, caricaturist and a painter. Besides that, don’t be too surprised if you hear my name in unexpected places because as I said, I am a wanderer and I would need more than 400 years of this life to dive into everything that I am interested in. To get a glimpse on what I do, please visit my portfolio, or read my web comic Silence Wanderers. Anyways, I am happy that you are here and I wish you a pleasant stay. ~ Ivan

2004 – 2011. Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, department of Animated film and New Media
2004. High School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Graphics department

Group Exhibitions:
2016. Balkanska smotra mladih autora, in Leskovac Serbia
2016. Crtani Roman Šou, HDLU, in Zagreb Croatia
2015. Crtići u Primijenjenoj, ŠPUD, in Zagreb Croatia
2015. Crtani Roman Šou, HDLU, in Zagreb Croatia
2014. Strip u Primijenjenoj, ŠPUD, in Zagreb, Croatia

 Balkanska smotra mladih autora, in Leskovac Serbia
2013. Balkanska smotra mladih autora, in Leskovac Serbia
2011. 24-satno crtanje stripa, in Zagreb, Croatia

Book covers:
2015. “Last chance Vegas”, by Oliver J Gough
2014. “A broken heart is never broken”, by Tiara Church
2009. “Lunapark života”, by Kristina Josić
2007. “Prelistavam život”, by Nikola Petrović

Comics & Graphics Novels:
2014. Presentation of Silence Wanderers webcomic @Leskovačka Škola stripa, Leskovac,
2014 + “Silence Wanderers” webcomic series, 
2011-2013. “Goblinov Gebis” FantasyHR webcomic series, was guest comic artist,
2012. “Šetaći Tišine, knjiga prva”, graphic novel,

2011-2012. “SW Reflections” webcomic series, 

2011. “ISOWNED” webcomic series,

Illustrated books:
2016. “Vatrogasci – bojanka za djecu”, by grad Dubrovnik
2015. “Phillip and Little Sue”, by Vanja Meandžija
2013. “Every Child is Special”, by Tamara Hermon

Other achievements:
2015.  illustrations for “Gabriel’s Law – The Ordering Principle” documentary, UK
2014.  cutout illustrations for story animation of  video game “Where Angels Cry: Tears of The Fallen” Cateia Games, Zagreb Croatia
2014.  illustrations for intro of “Antigona Prockletstvo Roda” musical, Zagreb Croatia
2013.  leader of Croatian group on Youth Exchange project “Together as one!”, EEklo Belgium
2012.  creative workshop on building and painting Native American Totem, Wezemaal Belgium
2012.  leader of Croatian group on Youth Exchange project “ExploreDIRT!”, Wezemaal Belgium
2011 – 2013.  children illustrations and enigmatics for “Modra Lasta”, Zagreb Croatia


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